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Terms of Booking

Graphite work

Size           Price          Subject

8×10"       $200.00      1 x head

9×12"       $250.00      1 x head

11X14"     $300.00     1 x head

To order or ask about other sizes Please contact me by clicking on the link on the left.

Terms of Booking

Payment Schedule:  A non-refundable deposit of 35% is required before the Artist begins work on the commission and is due upon signing of the contract. The balance of payment is due upon satisfactory completion and delivery of the artwork.

 Delivery:  The Artist agrees to complete and deliver the commissioned artwork on or before an agreed upon  date. In the event that the Artist cannot deliver the artwork or the Purchaser cannot pick it up, Purchaser agrees to pay all necessary shipping expenses.

Copyright: The Artist retains the copyright to all works commissioned by the Purchaser, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. No artwork may be reproduced or altered without the written consent of the Artist.

Right of Refusal: In the event that the Purchaser does not wish to purchase the commissioned artwork, the Purchaser may refuse. In that case, the Artist will retain the refused artwork and the non-refundable deposit. This is free of any claims or interests of the Purchaser and the Purchaser will not owe any additional fees to the Artist.

The Artist has the right to refuse to complete the artwork, if the images needed to create the art work are considered by the Artist to be unusable. Refund of deposit will be made in full.

Returns: There are no returns once the Purchaser takes possession of the artwork.

Prices do not include shipping.

Payment methods are via check, cash, or PayPal.  Checks will have to clear before proceeding with the artwork.